Tene Uicter

Personality: Edit

A psychotic madman who believes himself to be of a superior species to humans. Will murder most humans on sight and enjoys eating their corpses.

Backstory: Edit

The son of 2 pirates who lost their shadows to Gecko Moria. He was born of the Saobody archipelago where his parents escaped to after Thriller Bark he lived with his parents until they he was 5 years old when they left to try to reclaim their shadows and n ever returned. Battle toughened from the years evading the kidnappers that roam the island and inspired when he sees the pirates arrive in the archipelago he decides to become a pirate. He knows the Grand line is dangerous so he decides to stow away on a marine ship headed for East Blue where he hopes to find his crew.

Weapons: Edit

A steel knife

Combat Style: The Way of The Dank Gorilla Edit