The Rising Spirit pirates are a crew of pirates that were formed quite suddenly by Charles Straif in Loguetown. Straif recruited John, Sural, and Bathrobe "Rou" originally, but after a change of heart, Rou decided to travel with his sister on a marine ship. Charles and Sural engaged marine Vice Admiral Roq as a test of their strength before deciding to head out to sea, but they were severely outmatched. Donn "Dark Water" Jones and his recent acquaintance E.S. Rever decided to join the crew as well.

On the way out to sea, the crew meets ex-pro golfer, Lionel Forest whom they invite aboard. After passing around a bottle of rum and declaring their goals and ambitions, a mysterious blob suddenly rolled out of Lionel's golf bag (Kahm Kuros). Clyde 'in the Sky' Hawthorne then arrived by hot air balloon and asked the sleeping Charles to join the crew, not getting an answer he simply unpacked his belongings.

During the Weatheria incident at Reverse Mountain, Ramdir Headstrong struck a conversation with Clyde Hawthorne about a crew. Clyde told Ramdir about Charles and the Rising Spirit Pirates, prompting Ramdir to follow Clyde until he had met Charles and asked the captain to join. As always, Charles would say yes.

Members Edit

Charles Straif Captain
Sural "Whisper Wind" Ephraim First Mate
Donn "Dark Water" Jones Swordsman
E. S. Rever Scout/Merchant
John Thatcher Fighter
Lionel "Iron Sniper" Forest Sniper
Clyde "in the Sky" Hawthorne Historian
Ramdir "Stalagmite" Headstrong Shipwright
Lan Z. Evo Fisherman