The Smiles Edit

The Smiles are a neutral crew, formed by Stein Akuma. The Smiles started on a small island on the grand line with only a few members they began their quest. With an alliance with a few pirate groups The Smiles were in good standings and were ready to fulfil their goal, their goal to rid corruption in their world. The Smiles are ruthless against corrupt people, crews and entities and they are very cautious not to harm innocent individuals in the process of killing any corrupt entity.

Crew Flag Edit

The Smiles flag is different from the normal Jolly Rodgers, The Smiles isn't a Jolly Rodger, it is just a flag they fly that is a mix between both flags. It is a sign that they are neutral, and the yin and yang skull signifies balance. Balance is what The Smiles want, they want everything to be relatively peaceful and all corruption to be abolished.

Crew Members Edit

The Smiles Role
Stein Akuma Captain
Aether Grayspine Cook
Fortner M. Sufi Fighter
Kiira Fisherman

Acomplishments Edit

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