History Edit

The Thousand Swords Pirates were founded by Goya "Sword Collector" Hayes in the East Blue. Two new members joined in Loguetown, Ari Kazan who joined first and was appointed first mate and Freed "Sky Forger" Falcon who joined shortly after. The crew's fourth member, Zack "The One Shot Drifter" Nightwood joined in their stop in Pearly Town on Reverse Mountain.While stopped in Roma Hayes recruited Raymond Seagrain, a down on his luck shipwright.

Crew Members Edit


Name Role
Goya "Sword Collector" Hayes Captain
Ari Kazan First Mate (Warrior)
Raymond Seagrain Shipwright
Toshi Jr. Cook
Will Whiteon Entertainer


Name Role
Freed "Sky Forger" Falcon Blacksmith
Zack "The One Shot Drifter" Nightwood Sniper

The Three Demons Edit

The three strongest members of the crew have had their power compared to demons. Each of them has a demon of the seven deadly sins associated with them.

Member Sin Demon Reason
Goya Hayes Greed Mammon His collection of swords.
Raymond Seagrain Wrath Satan He is angered whenever the ship is damaged.
Toshi Jr. Gluttony Beelzebub He is the crew's chef and biggest eater.

Ship Edit

Masamune Edit

In Loguetown Goya Hayes commandeered an empty merchant ship during the chaos. Several people suggested naming the ship, the first being Freed Falcon, and eventually Hayes decided to go with the name Masamune, suggested by Raymond Seagrain, to fit the crew's sword motif.

Allies Edit

Shinsensekai Pirate Alliance Edit

The Thousand Swords Pirates are currently in an alliance with the Pyranos and Underworld Pirate crews. The alliance between the three crews has been dubbed the "Shinsensekai Pirate Alliance."