The Underworld pirates are a rookie pirate crew which came together at the island of Roma.

Its most notable feature is the presence of three captains.

Jolly Roger Edit

The underworld pirate crew jolly roger is an amalgamation of three skulls and six crossed bones. Each skull represents one of the captains of the crew. The skull on the left, with the red bead necklace represents Gintoki "The Cannibal"; The center skull represents Stingray "Marine Slayer" Kuroobi; and the red skull on the right represents Shinmen "Whipped back" Akasukin. All three skulls are drawn in different styles to emulate the different personalities of the three captains.

The three skulls also represent Cerberus, the three headed dog, who guards the entrance to the Greek Underworld, hence the name of the pirate crew.

History Edit

The crew formed at Roma, following a brawl between Stingray and Esmond, which nearly resulted fatally for the latter.

Crew Members Edit

Gintoki "the Cannibal" - Co-Captain/Warrior

Stingray "Marine slayer" Kuroobi - Co-Captain/Navigator

Shinmen "Whipped back" Akasukin - Co-Captain/Doctor/Cook

Esmond "Red eyed bandit" Elric - Musician/Entertainer/Swordsman

Maxwell "Thrill Chaser" Byrnes - Zoologist/Bladesman

Ship Edit

Hermes Edit

Shinmen Akasukin found a run down moss covered ship in a secluded inlet in Roma. Edmond patched it up and the crew used it to travel from Roma to Berry Attol. The ship is a fine example of masterful woodworking, and glides over water as if floating a few feet off in the air. Its speed gives it the name Hermes.

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