Backstory Edit

-Tripp Vinion was born the son of a 3rd rate pirate. Tripp lived on the sea with his father until their ship was captured by the world government when he was just 5 years old and they were given to World Nobles to serve as slaves. Tripp was branded with the mark of slavery on his chest and served under a family of arrogant Celestial Dragons for 7 years. On his 22nd birthday, Tripp and his father executed an escape plan they had created over their years of captivity. Tripp was able to escape but at the expense of his father's life. Now, after 10 years living in the shadows and training, Tripp has covered up his slavery mark with a tattoo of a violet ball and is ready to pursue his dream of uncovering and revealing government secrets to the world.

-Tripp wears an unzipped dark purple jacket that reveals his tattoo and stomach as well as black pants, black boots and his trademark violet headband. He is lighthearted but very strategic and thirsty for knowledge. Tripp tends to overthink everything, and because of this is often slow to make even the most minute decisions. He prefers to work in the shadows but has no problem addressing conflict head on if it becomes necessary. Tripp is overly trusting of everyone he encounters and has been known to give people consistent second and third chances. He would love to travel with a group of companions as long as they don't interfere with his goals.

Stats: Edit

Stamina 10

Strength 7

Speed 15

Perception 13

Dexterity 15

Willpower 10

MISC: Edit

Weapons: -2 metal rods carried in holster on back

Pouch/wallet content: -lockpicking set, 5 000 belis.