The Tulip Pirates are an infamous crew of pirates roaming the South Blue, the third division of the Flower Pirates.

Jolly Roger

Much like the Flower Pirates, the Tulip Pirates do not use a skull and crossbones, but a flower with crossed sabres and a droplet of blood. When turned upside down, the tulip looks like a hook.

Crew Members

Captain First Mate Helmsman Cook
Bill "The Hook" Tulip "Chewtoy" Tresdin Martin Fog Fiona Dupler

Bill "The Hook" Tulip, captain of the Tulip Pirates, is a mysterious character that prefers surprising unknowing towns to pillage without facing much resistence. Apart from the G-3 incident, no extraordinary feat are known. His current bounty is set at B90,000,000.

The crew also includes known pirates "Chewtoy" Tresdin as first mate, with a bounty of B15,000,000 and Martin Fog as helmsman, with a bounty of B5,000,000. Cook assistant Fiona Dupler also earned a B500,000 bounty during the sack of G-3 for excessive violence towards marines.

Crew Strength

It can be presumed that they are a strong crew as they orchestrated the sack of the G3 expedition to the island of Rumbasket, a hostile location in the South Blue extremely close to the Calm Belt. There, they surprised the marine force of over a hundred men, tying them up and stealing military equipment, food and a marine warship, forcing officials at Marineford to send a rescue party.


The Tulip Pirates voyages aboard a self-sufficient garden ship, similar to all Flower Pirates' vessel. It contains multiple decks in which various fruits and vegetables are grown, using a special reserve of fertilizer in order to maintain the right levels of nutrients in the soil. Due to the lack of a need for frequent restocking of food supplies, the Tulips are especially well-versed in the art of avoiding government officials.