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  • BarnabeGolden

    Hey guys, Golden here, your favourite Wiki personality. I made a quick checklist for you guys to make sure that a page was all it could be, and for myself to get a free achievement! So here it is:

    1. Make sure that there are no spelling mistakes on the page;
    2. Follow the proper format! Look at completed page of similar nature (character, location, etc.) for examples;
    3. Add some picture or art! If this is your character, ask the art mods to draw something for you!
    4. Tell an interesting story. If you're describing place in the RP, make sure you explain what the players lived through there, as well as some general points of geopraphy. If it's your character, add a backstory!

    That's it! For more advanced tips, message me directly on the wiki!

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