Vanilla Isle
Vanilla Isle
Vanilla Isle is easily recognizable due to its ice cream cone shape.
Vital statistics
Type Filler
Level Very safe
Location East Blue
Inhabitants Sorbet Village residents, Barnbolio, Sensei, Sensei's disciples
Vanilla Isle is a small island located in the East Blue. It's main source of income is it's export of the world's best ice cream. Events on the island usually include the world-famous ice cream eating contest where people from around the world come to eat ice cream for varying prizes.

Geography Edit

Vanilla Isle has a very unique layout in the fact that it is shaped like an ice cream on a cone, which was a huge contributing factor to its name. There is also a harbor at the very south-end of the island, near Sorbet Village, where ships from all over the East Blue bring in fresh ingredients to create their world famous ice cream. A very long, yet narrow, hill known as Tabletop Hill splits the island in two, with the northernmost region being called the "Beaten Earth Valley", home of the mysterious sensei and his followers.


The island held it's annual ice cream eating contest, whose contestants would be the East Blue's generation of pirates coming in for the prizes. Marines entered as well, and each tried their best at devising a plan to win. However, it would be Bathrobe Rou who won first place, with Soul Stein coming in second place and Elizier Talbot.

After the big ice cream eating contest, all visitors would be given a free two night stay at the famous five star hotel Maraschino Hotel! To their dismay, though, they would be kidnapped and introduced to the art of training.