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As a boy only 7 years old, Venator met a devil fruit eater with a full mastery of the devil fruit that could destroy our world, the Yami Yami no mi or the Dark Dark fruit. The strange man swallowed the helpless boy into his blackhole and sent the boy back in time into a land so obscure. The boy began to cry and didn't have the slightest of idea of what to do. The boy saw malformed monsters and mutations and was absolutely horrified from the experience. The boy learned to survive in this odd land and became a man soon enough with a large sum of speed and stamina and a bit of insight. An undead looking man that resembles a human made out of beef jerky came to this land after defeating this giant lion that shoots electricity. He lit some kind of bonfire and preformed a ritual that made him look human again. This undead man gave Venator some equipment and taught him the basics of sword fighting and martial arts. Venator was now able to fend off these monsters before he met something truly terrifying. A colossal monster with a dark aura surrounding this beast. This undead man assisted Venator and they took down this monster. Before bidding farewell, Venator was taken back to his homeland and on the same island he was taken on. What baffles Venator even more it was also the same date as when he was first taken when he was only 7 years old. The man with the Dark fruit is now gone and everything was back to normal. Upon returning, Venator would take up learning navigating, where this strong old man taught him for about two years and Venator has drawn maps of the East Blue. Venator distrusted the world government and it's navy so he took up being a pirate and now is searching for a crew. Venator has just arrived at Pearly town behind other pirates.

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Falchion, Pistol

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