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Basic InformationEdit

Nickname Strategist
Affilation Pirate
Role Strategist
Sea of Origin East Blue
Dream Peace for Pirates


Appearance: Lindow stands 2 meters tall and have long black hair. He is pretty thin but muscular. His face looks friendly almost every time.

Clothing: He wears a Brown coat that is unzipped and it goes down to his knees. Underneath he has a darker Brown shirt. Ha got a big red bracelet on his right arm and wears grey gloves on both of his hands. He has big black boots that goes just below his knees and he also has big grey pants that is tucked inside his boots.

Hairstyle: His hair is long and coloured with black. You don't see much of his face and usually only one of his Eyes is shown.

Eye color: Blue


Lindow is mostly friendly and very realistic. He doesn't want to engage in fights he knows will result in a loss. Otherwise he likes to chill, read and smoke his cigarettes. He can seem very laid back but very serious aswell. He loves to drink and party when the time is right.


Lindow is from the famous Loguetown in East Blue. He origins from a poor family with very much work for minimum pay. He has Always wanted to be a well-rounded pirate. Since he was never the best at something nor the worst at something, he thought that he could be this jack of all trades. When Lindow Turned 13 he decided that someday, he would want to sail the seas and conquer the World. He was going to be a pirate and a captain of his own crew someday. So he trained until he was 18 years old. The Days were tough and many hours spent sleeping and punching a tree. Lindow decided to head out and started to sail out on the East Blue to look for crew members or a crew to join.

Combat Style Edit

Lindow fights with a sword, a schimitar to be precise and also uses a handgun if needed.

Character StatsEdit

Stamina 15
Strength 15
Speed 12
Perception 14
Dexterity 9
Will 19