Weapons can be crafted from many different materiel this is the order of strength of those materiel

Metal Grades Melting Point Strength
Crude Iron 600.C Wood
Iron 1400.C Pathetic
Crude Steel 900.C Fairly Weak
Steel 1500.C Weak
Titanium 2500.C Average
Ryo Wazamono Can not be melted Tough
Tungsten 3500.C Strong
O Wazamono Can not be melted incredible
Titanium Tungsten Alloy 5000.C superhuman
Saijo O Wazamono Can not be melted monster

Weapons held by players Edit

50 Ryo Wazamono:

21 O Wazamono:

12 Saijo O Wazamono

Jīngshén - wielder unknown