Name: Will Whiteon

Race: Fishman(Cookie Cutter Shark)

Epithet:The Grave Walker

Affiliation: Neutral

Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Entertainer

Backstory: Edit

Will Whiteon was a young lad born on fishman island before the Queen was murdered, after the event, he gave up hope on his people and looked to the surface for sanity. While not immediately accepted, when he started taking in bounties they whistled another tune. He is known as 'grave walker' for his unusually high pain tolerance and refusal to give up a contract once given. While not exactly strong he wields his Jaw and Jab style to extreme precision. When not bounty hunting, decides to entertain the local folk with his comically bad dancing skills. He is none the wiser to the laughter being at his sake and not the dance floor. Doesn't like the WG, and does his best to prevent them from limiting him and the people around him.


Weapons: Edit

Iron Knuckles, His mouth.

Beli: Edit

5 000 000 Beli [everyone starts with this amount]

TL:DR: Will Whiteon is a soon to be member of the Thousand Sword Pirates.

He is a Cookie Cutter Shark Fishman who follows the "Jaw and Jab"

Fishman Karate Style.

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