Personality: Edit

Zack's personality consists of his electric personality, eagerness, and when it counts, tenseness. Often he tries to stay in a good mood and often is in one. He's up for whatever challenge as long as it means the best for those around him.  He has very little regard for his enemies and what happens to them.

Backstory: Edit

Zack Night wood grew up on a small island in the North Blue. When powerful pirates turned it into a warzone, Zack formed an animosity towards all pirates. However, around age 10 Zack's island had the marines come in and take back control of the island. Within a year things were back to normal, when all of a sudden a pirate crew had landed on the island. The town hated pirates for what they did, and this pirate crew was no exception.

Over the course of the crew's stay, they were courteous, outgoing, and didn't feel like a threat to the islanders, who even became comfortable around them. One day, Zack spoke up against the pirates, tears in his eyes - only to be welcomed with open arms and pleasentries. Learning that pirates weren't all bad, Zack still held a grudge towards the attackers from before.

These new pirates invited Zack onto the crew when he became old enough, and when the captain asked what he'd like most, Zack replied. "I don't really know. Just somewhere to relax with friends, I guess." The pirates were in shock. Zack was never interested in treasure, or adventure, yet no matter what he did for the next 6 years before his adventure starts, he had a hole in his heart.

Honing his sniper skills, Zack became a worthy defender of the island. That is, until he decided to leave.

Weapons: Edit

Two 6-shot revolvers

Combat Style: Edit

His combat style relies on a midrange distance, and moving closerange. When the enemy is far away, he will try to close the distance while firing carefully.