Name: Zan Yaeji

Epithet (if any): 'Thundering'

Affiliation: Pirate | Neutral

Occupation: Captain of the Beebop Pirates


Zan's earliest memory is of him as a child drifting away on wreckage from an ancient merchant ship previously condemned to forever roam the white sea. His family were scavengers, greedy cut-throats with only beli on their minds. During their search of the ship, his family easily over power Zan, place him into a boat and activate the cracked Breath dial. Faintly the words "One less mouth to feed" float through his mind.

When Zan comes to, the breath dial sputters and ceases to function. He can see a vague spot on the horizon he assumes could be the wreckage his 'family' were scavenging. Battered and bruised, Zan concedes to his injuries and faints. Dreams of a shrine, rhythmic thunder and deep chanting followed.

Zan is rescued by sky monks who dedicate their lives to finding their personal greater meaning with the guidance of their deity who first taught the early monk ancestors it's 'Sky Fist'. The deity's Sky Fist was said to shudder their sky island like thunder and sunder holes on cloudy days to reveal the sun. Following their teachings, Zan became a practitioner of the sky monk martial art. During his tutelage Zan learns the first teacher of the 'Sky Fist' was a simply strong person and the legendary 'thunder' derives from the sound of impact from the body to the air. The 'thunder' sound was a token of potential and strength.

Zan was entrusted with task of disseminating the 'Sky Fist' and guiding 'would-be' followers to further educate themselves at their sky island. Along with finding Sky Fist recruits Zan sets out to cement his resolve that his life is worth more than one to simply be thrown away.


Barehand/ Wood Tonfa


Stamina (STAM): 13

Strength (STR): 11

Speed (SPD): 12

Perception (PER): 9

Dexterity (DEX): 14

Willpower (WILL): 11


Beli: 5000