Zone's Arm: Edit

Zone lost his arm when fought a yeti. Ripped it off at the shoulder. Gruesome stuff. But luckily while traveling through a magical fountain a parasite attached to his arm and it regrew it. It functions as a normal arm now.

Personality: Edit

Zone delights in making others smile and laugh with his abilities in magic. Using his silver tongue he can also get into most places and get away with mostly anything.

Backstory: Edit

Zone grew up under the tutelage of his father, The Great Ozymon a great magician. Never staying in one place very long (due to his father actually just being a con-man under the guise of a magician) Zone grew up loving to travel. And each night whether it be on a boat, carriage, or in an inn he would stay up late and practice his magic tricks to make his father proud.

One night, after perfecting the smoke getaway magic trick he went to show his father. Staying in an old inn he walked to the door and heard another voice not that of his fathers.

"Look Ozymon it's just one brat for 200,000 beli and your debt cleared! Don't think about it too hard... Little brats always end up resenting you one day."

What Zone heard next broke his little heart and his inability to trust.

"Ok Marin... But please do one thing for me."

"What's that o great magician?"

"Make it 250,000 I want to have a fun night out after this."

They both roared in laughter.

Zone ran back to his room, his heart filled with rage. He grabbed a shortsword that his father left in the room and waited underneath his bed sheets.

Footsteps approached his bed, "Zone it's Dad come with me for a second I have a new trick I want to show you."

As Zone's Dad sat on his bed he drew his sword and stabbed his father in the back. Pushing the blade deeper and deeper as if causing pain would make him forget his he stabbed again, and again, until he felt the body stop moving.

He quickly gathered his fathers old trenchcoat and magic supplies and left into the world. Putting on a cheerful mask to hide the torment inside he eventually came to realize that dwelling on the past brings no happiness and the only thiing he could do is hope for a better tomorrow.

Still respecting his father for being able to get by by acquiring things from the people who employed him. He followed in his footsteps.

Slowly forgetting the past and With his stunning personality and skills he was able to acquire many items in his life. Bored with his hometown he left for the high seas. Hoping to find others that will make life fun... And new areas to acquire things... Stealing is bad. Acquiring is good.

Weapons: Edit

(2) Double Edge short swords, Throwing daggers

Combat Style: Edit